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Dear Customers:  Thanks to your long-term trustand great support, Unicair is growing continually. Due to busienss development needs, Unicair’s branch company in Shenzhen will move to a bigger and more beautiful building in Wutong Island, Xixiang on Aug 6, 2016, and office telephone number and fax number will remain unchanged.  The new address is as below:8th Floor, No. 1 Building, Wutong Island, Intersection between Hangkong Road and Shunchang Road, Xixiang, Bao'An, ShenzhenPost Code.: 518101Tel: (86)-755-29558699Fax: (86)-755-29558833   We will work harder and provide you with more professional and quality servicewholeheartedly.  Shenzhen Unicair Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
On July 15-17, China Telecom joins hands with Qualcomm to hold 2016 E-surfing Smart Terminal Expo in Guangzhou with the themeof ‘Internet+ sharing intelligentized future’. Well-knownchip manufacturers, famous mobile phone manufacturers and top 100 Internet companies all over the world gather in this grand Expo. As aleading Qualcomm CDMA/LTE PTT mobile phone ODM solution provider, Unicair, led by President Xu Zhifeng, is invited to attendthe Expo.
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Industry News
2015 - 07 - 30
点击次数: 17
The annual GSMA Mobile World Congress, whose tenth edition started here Monday, always creates a buzz with this year being no exception. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) showcases the latest smartphones and devices aimed at producing a connected world, amid an estimated 90,000 visitors and about 1,900 global exhibitors. The 2015 MWC shows progr...
2016 - 05 - 12
点击次数: 75
According to the 1Q16 financial reports of China's three major operators, net profits of the operating revenue have leveled off due to the saturation of subscribers. Restricted by the industry competition and impacted by "improving the speed and cutting down the tariff", the operators tend to put more efforts into new business transformation with IoT as the first priority. In order to seize the opportunity, China Telecom's esurfing has developed brand-new IoT strategies - aiming to guarantee a 12 million net addition of subscribers by building an IoT intensive operation sys...
2015 - 07 - 30
点击次数: 15
China will boast more than half a billion smartphone users by the end of this year, an official with the State Internet Information Office (SIIO) said. The country has 1.3 billion cellphone users, said Wang Xiangrong, deputy director of the website information broadcasting department under SIIO, China's Web regulator. With smartphones becoming more...
2015 - 07 - 30
点击次数: 71
When Microsoft planned to resurrect a conference this year with hardware makers after a seven-year hiatus, it settled on the southern Chinese city Shenzhen as the ideal meeting place. The decision to move the two-day conference from the United States to Shenzhen came as a growing number of Chinese-made PC, tablets and smartphone makers...
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