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Dear Customers:  Thanks to your long-term trustand great support, Unicair is growing continually. Due to busienss development needs, Unicair’s branch company in Shenzhen will move to a bigger and more beautiful building in Wutong Island, Xixiang on Aug 6, 2016, and office telephone number and fax number will remain unchanged.  The new address is as below:8th Floor, No. 1 Building, Wutong Island, Intersection between Hangkong Road and Shunchang Road, Xixiang, Bao'An, ShenzhenPost Code.: 518101Tel: (86)-755-29558699Fax: (86)-755-29558833   We will work harder and provide you with more professional and quality servicewholeheartedly.  Shenzhen Unicair Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
On July 15-17, China Telecom joins hands with Qualcomm to hold 2016 E-surfing Smart Terminal Expo in Guangzhou with the themeof ‘Internet+ sharing intelligentized future’. Well-knownchip manufacturers, famous mobile phone manufacturers and top 100 Internet companies all over the world gather in this grand Expo. As aleading Qualcomm CDMA/LTE PTT mobile phone ODM solution provider, Unicair, led by President Xu Zhifeng, is invited to attendthe Expo.
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Vision: To build a happy and harmonious century-old company

Mission: To enrich life through technology

Target: To become a world's leading communication terminal solution provider

Core values: Sincerity, Diligence, Innovation and Cooperation


Sincerity: With a firm belief that small victory relies on wisdom and great victory relies on benevolence, we work seriously and behave honestly.

Diligence: We keep learning (from the past), doing (based on the present) and thinking (about the future). We are making career with spirits of dedication to overcome difficulties, assiduity to get through hard time and persistence to seek knowledge.

Innovation: We have made innovation and breakthrough without fear of failure. We will promote sustainable development with innovation in technology, management and business mode.

Cooperation: Individual excellence can only come from a team’s excellence. We highlight sincere cooperation on a basis of mutual benefits between colleagues in Unicair, Unicair and partners, and Unicair and customers, in order to satisfy our customer needs and create value for society.

Logo Interpretation:

1) The letters U and C are like two pieces of magnets, signifying Unicairers are closely united with great determination and courage to build a century-old company.

2) The shape of the icon is like a running wheel, symbolizing Unicairers keep forging ahead for excellence. Round circle outside and square inside represents Unicair’s attitude towards life and work--harmonious integrity of smooth and easy-going in manners but highly principled in work.

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Address:8th Floor, No. 1 Building, Wutong Island, Intersection between Hangkong Road and Shunchang Road, Xixiang, Bao'An, Shenzhen

Postcode: 518101
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